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Wood Works by Thomas Pellitier

This sculpted lamp was made by Thomas Pelletier who merges being a carpenter and landscaper-horticulturist. A cherry tree’s growth is revealed in this glowing lamp. Thomas values common sense especially that which is shown by nature.

Price - $ 95 

Christmas Crafts, Holiday Cookies, and Handmade  Jams & Pies.

Modern Desk Set

Industrial Drafting Table Upcycled with Glass Top Revealing Tilt Mechanism - $250

Accessories Include Flat Papers Drawer Set -$10, Electric Pencil Sharpener - $20, Electric Eraser - $15

2 - IKEA Swivel Chairs - $20 pr

Snake Task Lighting w/ Magnetic base - $35

Wollensak Reel to Reel Tape Recorder - $25

Vintage Freestanding Ashtray - $20

True Green Nursery Gift Set (includes selected items) plus Blanket, Carriage, Rocker - $145